Guest Posts: the First Steps

Pitching and writing guest posts can be an excellent way to build your online discourse community as well as your social proof. Here are steps you can take as you prepare to write your pitch:

1. Get familiar with the blog and the writer(s) behind the blog. Read it regularly. Leave thoughtful comments.

2. Follow the blogger on Twitter. Add them to your insider list and respond to their tweets in meaningful ways.

3. Cast a wide net. Does your target blog include a blogroll? Add some of those blogs to your weekly reading list and develop a stronger sense of current conversations in your discourse community.

4. Check out the Big Blogs. Many blogs with large readerships crave fresh material. Check them out to see if they have a page describing how to submit your pitch. Here’s an example from LifeHack, and another from Dumb Little Man, and another from Tiny Buddha.

5. Think hard and brainstorm about how you can help your target blogger’s readers. What perspective do you bring?

The guest pitch is due on 11/12/14. We’ll spend some time drafting pitches in class next week. To prepare, follow the above steps, build a blogroll, and identify your top three target blogs.

One thought on “Guest Posts: the First Steps

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