How to Write a Guest Post Pitch

Once you’ve invested time in the first steps to guest posting, you’re ready to write your pitch email. You’ve identified the blog, you’ve commented on it, followed the blogger on Twitter. You’ve brainstormed, mind mapped, free wrote…whatever strategy you love to get ideas out of your head on on to paper, you’ve done ’em.

What’s next? Get that pitch email written. Here are some tips:

1. Address the blogger by name: not “Dear Sir or Madam:” but “Dear Beverly,”

2. Show the blogger you’ve read their blog and connect yours to it: “I am a reader of PoMoGolightly, and I really enjoyed your recent post defining Ethical Elegance. The comments make it clear that your readers are ready to minimize their wardrobes and trade big-box shopping for shopping with indie designers. My blog XYZ explores ethical relationships with animals, including through purchasing choices.”

3. Provide samples by linking to your very best relevant posts: “Here are two posts I wrote that you might like: sample a and sample b (replace “sample a/b” with linked titles).

4. Pitch: “I would like to write a post for your readers about how I stopped buying and wearing leather shoes while remaining fashionable.”

5. Ask: “May I send the post over for your consideration? If so, please let me know if you prefer it as a Word or .txt file.”

6. Use your manners: “Thank you so much for your time”

7. Sign off, including your blog link under your name.

Unless you’re confident you can draft and revise quickly, you might want to get a rough draft of the post written. If the first blogger rejects it, you can try another, or post the piece to your site or to Medium.

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