Homework: FaceBook Questions

photo 4 photo 3 photo 1photo 2

Better pictures of white boards have been taken, yet I hope these help you recall our conversation about “Death Proof”, FaceBook, digital writing, death, and culture.

Here are questions you suggested for your homework analysis of FaceBook (in no particular order). Please select a few, take notes, and be prepared to continue the conversation on Wednesday.

  • How would you want your online presence to be dealt with leading to and/or after your death?
  • How personal do people get FB? How easy is it to see peoples’ private information? Is FB really a efficient tool? (ETA: how do you see FB as a tool? What use does it have in contemporary culture?)
  • When looking at our news feed, of the statuses that you read, how many people have you actually been in more personal contact with, either via text, talking on the phone, FB messaging, or face to face conversation, in the past week (or maybe month)?
  • Explore Facebook  by creating a list of pros and cons to having such a public persona. Does this help or hurt one when it comes to jobs? Relationships? The real world?

Want to add a question? Leave it the comments, and we can add it to our discussion.

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