#WSU331 #DigiWriMo Instagram Project

Based on our class conversation today, here’s the current shape of our DigiWriMo #WSU331 Instagram Project.

Post photographs, captions, and appropriate hashtags (always use #WSU331 and #DigiWriMo) on Instagram with the goal of creating a collaboratively written digital story about the WSU experience.

I’ll add a few parameters:

  • Each student should post at least once / week during November.
  • I’ll give you four prompts–please use the prompt for the week as inspiration for your #WSU331 #DigiWriMo post.
  • Keep the images “safe for work”.
  • Have fun.

I’ll offer 20 of the TBD points to you for your participation (5 points/per post).

Week 1 Prompt (post due by 11/8/14): What makes you feel at home in the WSU community? 

Week 2 Prompt (post due by 11/15/14): What’s challenging about life in the WSU community?

Week 3 Prompt (post due by 11/22/14): Where is your favorite place on campus and why?

Week 4 Prompt (post due by 11/29/14): What does it mean to you to be a WSU Owl? 

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