Blog Endeavor

The Nitty Gritty

Maintaining a blog is a terrific way to build your ethos online. For this project, worth up to 250 points,  you’ll maintain your blog, keeping the focus narrow and of interest to the discourse community you’ve identified. Here is how the grade for this endeavor will be tallied:

  1. About page (30 points): the About page should reflect who the writer is, their social proof, and clearly indicate the blog’s focus. You are welcome to revise and re-imagine your About page throughout the semester. I will evaluate the page you have posted on 12/1/14. You can ask me for feedback any time before then.
  2. Posts (15 points each, 180 points total): over the course of the semester, you will write twelve posts of approximately 250 words. Write at least five different types of posts (see the types of posts lists below). Consider posting on a set day each week between now and the end of the semester; research shows that posting consistently more effectively builds your readership. I will read and evaluate posts each week on Friday afternoon starting 9/19 and give you feedback and points.
  3. Guest post pitch (25 points): A proven way to build your readership and your social proof is to guest post. We will work together to craft guest post pitches, and you will investigate which of the leaders within your blog’s discourse community accept guest posts. You must be prepared to write the post, even if it is accepted after the semester is over. The pitch must be submitted no later than 11/12/14.
  4. Blog Roll (15 points): Using your Twitter list, investigate the blogs of the leaders in the discourse community in which you are participating through your blog. Create a blog roll list for your site’s sidebar. This list should have at least 10 blogs on it, although you’re welcome to add more. We’ll review how to add links to your site. This will be evaluated on 11/3/14.

Types of Posts

Peruse your favorite blogs. You’ll see a wide variety of post types. Here are some tried and true types that you can use as a basis for building your editorial calendar. I’ve linked to examples of each.

  1. Tutorials
  2. Resource/Link Lists
  3. Lists
  4. Checklists
  5. Reviews
  6. Video posts (also called vlogs)
  7. Interviews
  8. Guest posts
  9. Research/Editorials/ Controversial
  10. Series
  11. Q&A

A Word or Ninety-four about SEO

SEO=Search Engine Optimization. This means making your site more visible to search engines. One method of doing so is through the use of key words. It’s useful to know what terms your potential audience might search to find you. Build a list of key words, and use them in your post titles, within the post, and as post tags. Be careful, though, to integrate key words as naturally as possible so obvious marketing doesn’t turn off your readers.

Not sure what your key words are? Visit and mess around to get some ideas.

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