Individual Endeavor

The Individual Endeavor is a project that you design as a way to explore and build your expertise in an area of interest. It is worth up to 250 points. Parts of the project will include:

  1. Proposal (75 points) (due Monday, September 29): this 2.5-3 page document is intended to help you design your project as well as give you practice with writing proposals. Please use MLA formatting. You should create a Google Doc and share it with me for feedback.

The proposal should outline an aspect of digital writing that you want to explore during October and November. Project ideas may include (but are limited only by your imagination):

  • Examining a cultural phenomenon as digital writing affects it.
  • Examining the intersection of politics and digital writing.
  • Writing an interactive/hyperlinked text.
  • Writing a Twitter short story or essay.
  • Examining writing in short-form social media.
  • Digital (film) story.
  • Series of infographics.
  • Podcast.

What to include (these are standard parts of a research proposal)

  • Introduction (~1 p): This includes a clear statement of the problem (what gap are you seeking to fill in your understanding of digital writing?), the purpose of your study (what do you seek to accomplish?); definitions (what do you mean by specific terms?; significance of the study (what is the potential impact of your study?); literature review (what are experts in the field already saying about this subject—what conversation is already happening?); questions or hypothesis (pose the central question(s) that will drive your project or the hypothesis you intend to explore) (worth 25 pts)
  •  Methodology (1 p): The methodology section explains how you will conduct your investigation to answer a research question. It is your plan of action, and for our purposes, it should include a table that maps out important dates (this will serve as your Timetable), what you will have read/researched by those dates, and when you will have produced deliverables (the series on your blog, the story, a report). Share the process you plan to use. (worth 25 pts)
  •  Resources (.5-1 p): what materials and tools do you need to gather to undertake your study? How will you gather them? Will you create a database? Visit the library? Be specific with titles/websites and how you believe these resources will be valuable. (worth 15 pts)
  •  Final Product/Evaluation (.5 p): discuss the possible outcomes of your study. What will the final product be? How will you know you have succeeded in achieving what you set out to achieve? How will you disseminate your findings? (worth 10 pts)
  1. The Product:

This is due on Wednesday, December 10, which is when we will have presentations. The product may be very different for each student, and we will have private conferences throughout the semester to ensure you are on track with completing this endeavor and to strategize about any roadblocks you encounter. The product will be evaluated based on your description in your proposal and is worth up to 125 points.

  1. Reflection: I will provide a prompt on December 1. This piece will be due on December 10, 2014. It is worth up to 50 points.

Each of you embarked on a semester-long exploration of some aspect of digital writing. In September I asked you to create a statement about a problem, the purpose of your study, and a central question to drive your project. Along the way, you may have re-imagined your project and/or your methodology.

For this IE Final Reflection, please create a 2-4 page polished Google document in which you reflect thoughtfully on the following prompts:

  • What did you set out to explore through the Individual Endeavor?
  • What resources did you use (look back at your proposal and compare what you expected to use with what you actually used)?
  • How does your IE reflect what you understand about digital writing?
  • What challenges did your IE pose? How did you overcome the challenges?
  • Did your IE raise additional questions? Given time and resources, how would you next build on your IE?

Please share the document with me, giving me permission to edit.

4. Presentations

I will invite our WSU community to join us for presentations on Wednesday, December 10. Please feel free to invite your friends and family. Presentations are worth up to 50 points, and should include the following:

  • Framing of your IE–return to your proposal to mine it for details about the question/hypothesis you explored, the methodology and resources you used, and the possible outcomes you expected.
  • Development of your IE–what actually happened? Explore stumbling blocks and how you overcame them, or, if your project progressed without a hitch, describe what you actually did.
  • Connection to digital writing–connect what you learned about digital writing through this project any of the resources provided on the class blog or the readings we discussed. What does your IE allow you to say about digital writing?
  • Share your product–give your audience a taste of what you produced.

Feel free to use PowerPoint, Prezi, or any other presentation tools you believe will help you to create a polished presentation. Plan on speaking extemporaneously  (note cards are fine) for 4-6 minutes.

 Schedule (subject to change):

  • Monday, September 22 and Wednesday, September 24: Class cancelled for in-person conferences. Come with ideas, and we’ll work together to find the shape of your project.
  • Monday, September 29: Proposal due. I will read and approve these by 10 p.m. on October 3.
  • Monday, October 20: Project check-in: be prepared to provide an oral assessment of the state of your project.
  • Wednesday, November 19: class canceled for peer review of projects. This can be done during our regularly scheduled class time or at any time before Monday, November 24.
  • Monday, November 24: Project check-in: be prepared to provide an oral assessment of the state of your project.
  • Monday, December 1: Reflective and presentation prompts distributed.
  • Wednesday, December 10: The Product is due. Presentations.

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