Twitter Assignment

ETA: Final Reflection link is due by email by 9 a.m. Monday, December 15. 

This project is worth 150 points. For this project, you will set up a Twitter account or use one that you already have. Be sure to include an avatar and a brief “About” on your Profile page–to build a consistent platform, these should both be drawn from your blog’s About page.

You should keep the main focus of your Twitter feed and posts relevant to the main focus you’ve selected for your blog and post regularly (at least once per weekday) about that topic (worth 50 points). Adding a Twitter app to your mobile device can make this easier!

You’re also expected to do the following:

1. Curate a list of “insiders” for your topic. Follow 10-15 people/groups that are important in the field you’ve selected. Creating a list will allow you to easily filter your feed and read what they have to say. (worth 15 points)

2. Engage in conversation with the insiders. Do any of them run a Twitter chat? Have they posted information or opinions that you could extend? These conversations must be more significant than “I concur” tweets and should occur at least four times spread over the course of the semester. (worth 35 points)

3. Edit with care. At least five times during the semester, let yourself, in one tweet, write as long as you want. Copy what you’ve written to a Google doc that will be the document for your final reflection. Next, edit that tweet to 140 characters, avoiding texting abbreviations. Copy the revised comment into your Google doc.(this will be included in the 50 points for #4)

4. Write a final reflection(worth 50 points). In a Google doc, to which you give me editing/commenting access, provide the following:

  • Screen shots of the four conversations from #2. Don’t know how to take a screen shot? Here are instructions for doing so on a variety of platforms. Try a Google search if you can’t find the instructions you need on this page. Write a brief explanation about why you selected the “insiders” you did for your conversation. Were you able to build any relationships within your discourse community? Why or why not? How could you improve doing so?
  • Five edited tweets. These can be in a bulleted list–original, followed by revision. Write a 1-paragraph reflection about how the 140 character limit influences your writing.
  • Finally, write 250-500 words in which you reflect on any or all of the following:
    • How were you surprised by Twitter?
    • In what ways do you see Twitter as a means of Curation? Connection? Collaboration? Creation?
    • How might you continue to use Twitter to build your writer’s platform and/or social proof?
    • What drawbacks did you encounter with using Twitter? How have you overcome them?

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