Final Portfolio and Reflection

For our last project in English 331: Digital Writing, you will create a portfolio and reflection. The goal of the project is to allow you to assess the work you have created this semester and to consider the role of digital writing in our culture, in academia, and in your life. The project will be worth up to 100 points, and it should be submitted as a polished Google Doc by noon on Wednesday, December 17. Please give me access to editing/commenting on the document. If you are compelled to create your portfolio and reflection in another format, please contact me ahead of time for approval. No late projects will be considered.


For the portfolio section, please include a selection of your work from the semester:

  • A selection (3-5) of tweets you believe represent your best work developing conversations in your discourse community. Screen shots work best.
  • Link to two blog posts of which you are most proud.
  • Link to a blog post that you revise, with the revision included in the portfolio.
  • Selection from your Collaborative Project.
  • Selection from your Individual Project.
  • Something else of your choice that you feel represents you as a digital writer, represents your place in your selected discourse community, or represents what you believe about digital writing in academia or in our greater culture.

While there are endless ways for you to frame your reflection, here are my suggestions:

  • Use the key words that framed our class: Curate, Connect, Collaborate, and Create. Investigate how you engaged with and in these words through the digital writing endeavors you are including in the portfolio.
  • Find key ideas/quotes from our class readings and use them as a lens to frame the work you are including in the portfolio.
  • Use your pre-Thanksgiving break in-class writing as a springboard to saying more about digital writing.

The reflection should refer to the items included in your portfolio. In 500-750 words, declare your understanding of what digital writing is, who you are as a digital writer, who you long to be as a digital writer. How did your perceptions of digital writing change over the course of the semester? What will you take away, dare I hope, build on, after our class ends? How will you use digital writing to continue developing your place in your discourse community, in academia, in our culture? How do you want to change perceptions and/or uses of digital writing?

These questions should serve as prompts for your polished reflection.


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