Digital Writing: Mapping 20 Great Fall Marathons

This collaborative project involves mapping out 20 of the best Fall marathons in the United States that runners can consider taking part in.  This project provides information about each marathon showing the readers that digital writing isn’t just strictly writing on a document, file or page.

We created an interactive map that has all the information about each marathon in one centralized place by using collaborative digital writing.  You can physically see where each marathon is located, and you can easily click on any marathon to check out the basic race facts that every runner likes to know when choosing to run a marathon.  This basic information about each marathon includes the address, start times, course time limits, interesting facts, field numbers, the month of year it’s held, and other races offered on the same day as the marathon.  From this initial information runners can quickly see if a particular marathon is the right fit before making any major decisions.  For example, if you have kids and would like to make your marathon day a family event, choosing a marathon with a kids race the same day might be more appealing.  There is also a link to each marathon’s home page, providing easy access to the rest of the information runners seek.

This project not only combines writing, mapping, and visual effects but it creates a cool project, as well. The interactive aspect of this project also makes it really fun to use.


Erica and Stacy combined their passions together to create this interactive project.  Although Stacy is not a runner herself, she finds marathons fascinating and was really interested in the idea of turning her love of writing into a mapping project by using Erica’s new passion for running marathons.

 Stacy Brunelle is a English Literature major at WSU and has a love for writing and dogs.  She shows that passion by writing a blog about her dog Kincaid and his adventures.  You can reach her through that blog: here or on twitter: here.

 Erica Flynn is a senior at WSU majoring in English Writing.  She has a slightly obsessive passion for running and has recently ventured into a whole new world of running marathons.  You can read about her love of this sport on her blog: here or follow her on twitter: here.

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